Ground crew
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Nearby the launching pad you can see the operation room inside the "Develcoise House", country home of the village of Devecey.
This big room can accomodate about 50 people, operators and audience.
Tables are lined against the outer wall, they carry the following objects:
- Information decametric station (40 and 30 m)
- Information VHF station on the Jura repeater.
- Two receiving and recording stations (ATV) of the pictures transmitted by the balloon.
- Radiogoniometric PC station (for VHF research) (through a repeater located on a nearby summit)
- Two APRS reception stations.
- A large screen on which a video projector shows a picture of the inflating pad or the APRS map of the district.
A generator is ready to take over (should an electric breakdown occur)

 F5HUP follows the position of the balloon on the APRS map shown by the screen of his headquarters. Every minute he announces the altitude and outer temperature F1SRX at the headquarter takes down the reports transmitted by the OM rnembers of the gonio researches crew, F5ZV receives these informations and draws them on the district map .

While the inflating is in progress F6DVC connects the gondola based appliances. The connection launching pad/headquarters behooves to F8CLM who registers every operation of the launching procedure.

A little before the departure,F6IJC checks the working of the ATV antennas which allow to follow the trajectory of the gondola. On the left the two ATV receiving stations (in the shadow: F6IJC) and the information decametric and VHF stations on the right (F5OAU from the back).