Listening reports
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A lot of stations were listening to the REF-FC 2002 balloon. As it was impossible to take them all, we won't quote the call signs.
- In Devecey (25), 5 ATV stations, 2 APRS stations.
- 11 permanent or mobile stations. scattered in all the district. A french département is somethink like your counties. 21: Côte d'or. 39: Jura etc. These stations gave precious informations which allowed to follow the balloon by radiogoniometry.
- About ten stations which looked for the balloon on the ground
- More than 20 stations which signalled hearing the balloon on VHF (APRS, gonio beacon, micro beacon) or receiving pictures.
Stations of hte following french departments: 02, 21, 25, 39, 54, 57, 59, 68, 70, 71, 74, 88, 90...

It is not too late to send your listening reports (Frequency, QTH, reception conditions)
-By packet radio to F5ZV@F8KOX.FBFC.FRA.EU
-By email to or
-To any member of the team who will transmit.

The listening reports received

Here are some of them summarized.

From Bernard, SWL in Belfort (quarter Etang des Forges) altitude 352m.
Receiver: Realistic PRO 2006. Antenna: vertical dipole 144 MHz hanging under the roof (4th store)
Listen from 10H15. Listening the repeater of Salins F5ZVP, news transmitted by F5 OAU.
10h52 am: Beacon 200mW 145,650 MHz received 59
12h38 am: Beacon cannot be heard
I never heard the microbeacon 5 mW and the other transmitter
I enjoyed very much this experience and felt that lot of OM had a real craze for it.
Thanks to the organizers.

From Daniel F6ACU, QTH : DOUNOUX (sortie Epinal Road from Xertigny-Plombières) in JN38FC.
l received the balloon on the two 144 frequencies with a 9 elements on 1255 MHz satellite pace 900 TV receiver (bought in shop) a quarter of a wave on the lid of a biscuit can, 5 cm high lying on a window sill. In the coaxial there was a line ampli for TV sat installation requiring a pretty long coax. These amplifiers are sold 15 euros in shops for do-it-yourselfers.

Localization in APRS of the route of the balloon REFFC-11, on Saturday June 8 2002 at F6BIL's via F1DRW-4.
QTH Montceau les Mines - department 71 (Saône et Loire)
Position APRS = Lat 46.40.14N. Long 4.21.37E - Altitude 279 m.
Equipment TX/RX YAESU and antenna 1/4 wave on the chimney.
(following all its APRS reports)

Operator: Jean-Caude (Anizy le chateau 02320) (JN 19RM)
l send you in 7+ two extra pictures of the balloon on a UI-view map, taken with the soft SHOOT HI!!!.
The report of the frames received was 59 in the DPT 02.

From Damien F5RRS
We received well the recorded showing of the REFFC-11 balloon on the APRS network.
l began the tracking above the 3000m altitude and we lost it at 12.16 P.M. altitude 34431 m.
Its position was then: 47.33.65N and 6.01.77E. Some frames were received live in the department 74 (Haute-Savoie)

From Christian, F1GWR en JN38BP à Vandoeuvre-les Nancy (54)
l enclose my recording of the APRS frames, beginning 10.55 A.M.
End of reception at 12.16 P.M. Highest altitude 34433m
Live reception with a 9 elements verticale polarization most of the time since we had no southward digi, no westwards ones from Lorraine.
Good reception of the 144,650 beacon between S3 and S9, fast and weak QSB (about 4 Hz) with slow and deep QSB (about 0.5 Hz) .Fall of the signal for higher altitudes (about 30000 m) at SI-2.

From Hans, QTH Bergen op Zoom JO21DL
We have seen jour baloon en your aprs baken, bath most of the time qrm from on0mtv.
Up to 18km high b5 in color till blasting of the balloon on 34km high. ATV Qrv op 213/13 & 3cm ook Mobiel+Digitaal

From Geert PE1IWT and Henk PE2HHN - JO32KF
Here are more pictures of my antennes 23cm RX and 10 GHZ and 13 cm.
Also 2 pictures from PE2HHN in jo32kf who has received the balloon also.
I will send in the next mail an litle movie about 2 mb data.
I like to have also a copy from the video you make to show the ATV hams here.

Messages transmitted to the REFFC-11 balloon by APRS

F1BIV-1 REFFC-11 06/08 10:47:38z REFFC-11 47.33.65N 6.01.91E 309,2km 116ø 12:16{02
F1BIV-1 REFFC-11 06/08 10:40:25z Dx:REFFC-11 47.33.65N 6.01.91E 309,2km 116ø 12:16 {01
F1MQI REFFC-11 06/08 10:09:21z Re‡u dans la r‚gion Parisienne>{00
F1BOW REFFC-11 06/08 09:26:44z 73's ADRASEC57{00
HB3YBP REFFC-11 06/08 09:21:09z Gute fahrt{00
F6CHA REFFC-11 06/08 09:19:01z 73's de Jean en Moselle pr s de Metz{00
DO7VLR REFFC-11 06/08 09:04:10z test de Lukas DO7VLR 73s{00

Pictures received by F5AD
"As far as 20000m the pictures are received on Nîmes and forwarded on all the southern network." announces F5AD on its website: You will see there the pictures of the bursting of the balloon remarkably accurate given the distance(about 400 km)