Measures carried out during the flight
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During the GPS reception the data were temporarily lost between 21000 and 24000m but then all the frames were normally received and it seems that the GPS normally worked.

Change of altitude during the rise

The opposite graph shows the change of altitude according to the GPS.
You can check the constancy of the rising speed and the time of uncertainty between 21000 and 24000m. Download the curve at the PDF size (38ko)

Variation of temperature (in and out) according to the altitude

The simultaneous measures (inside and outside the gondola) were relayed
by APRS. The graphs bring to the fore the delay of the variation of the inner temperature (magenta) on the outer temperature (black).
The inner temperature did not get below zero in spite of the weak thermic inertia. 0n June 8th the outer temperature was 0°C at 3800m.
Download the graph to the PDF size (35 ko)

The atmosphere

The opposite diagram shows the changes of pressure (right scale) and temperature (scale of abcisses) according to the altitude(left scale).