The bursting of the balloon
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Two cameras are installed in the gondola. One shoots downwards during 60 seconds, the other one shoots upwards during 30 seconds. Fortunately the bursting took place while the pictures of the upper camera were relayed by the ATV transmitter. Here is a small excerpt of the film.

 Picture taken shortly after the release. The balloon is underinflated The sight angle therefore the scale is the same for the next pictures  The diameter increases with the altitude for the pressure strongly decreases as you climb. At 34430m the envelope is distended to the utmost, you can see the light of the sun through it.
 With the light shining through you see the envelope start to tear in its upper part. You can only be struck dumb with admiration before such a picture.
 Crumbling of the envelope which falls to pieces At this moment the gondola is no longer drawn upward by the balloon which blew up. 1ts speed is nil. It toppled by 90° which allows the upper camera to film the horizon. The parachute is not inflated yet by the wind of the fall.
 The bright patch on the left side is the sun. The fragments of the envelope fall less quickly than the gondola.  On the corolla the shadow of the suspension ropes projects. In spite of the interties the three strings of the ropes are twisted.
 You can see clearly the rope and the shreds adrift above the parachute