Recovery of the gondola
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Recovery of the gondola

Several OM individually took part in the researches. The beacon was found at 1.37 pm. About 50 minutes after its landing. But the exact geographical position was only precised later.
Latitude: 47 37 986 N.
Longitude: 06 03 210 E.
Some kilometers south-west of Vesoul town.
The gondola was grounded, under big trees with no great damage (photograph transmitted by Thierry (F1LUL)

After the flight

The gondola was unharmed, but for the antenna twisted at the impact. A great part of the envelope disappeared after the explosion and during the fall. The parachute tore a little while after its opening as shown by the camera aimed upward but the fall was slowed down (26 mn for about half an hour, 2I m/s on an average). The speed of the impact was about 75 km/h.

 the gondola after the impact  one of the 4 antennas 23 cm
 the remains of the envelope  the parachute tore in two