The flight
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The worst is never sure, as the saying goes.The weather forecast (rain in the morning, stronger in the afternoon) proved much better than foreseen. The overcast sky cleared at the time of the release and enabled to follow the ascension quite a while, which is clearly shown by the gondola camera.

The release

At first the balloon is taken away from the folding screen. An operator supports the gondola while another keeps back the envelope.The wind (ground level) is under 5m/s. Like the wind everyone holds his breath. Suddenly the conductor (F6DVC) gives the order: "Release everything !". The balloon smoothly takes off, unconscious of the emotion which pervades the audience.
Clappings and hats off to all the guys that have been working for a year for this great day to be able to take place.
Everyone rushes to the control room to behold the first pictures received.

The strong swinging of the departure decreases. On the whole the pictures received will be steady.

The pictures received.

Two ATV reception stations provide the recording of the pictures. Other three OM equally came from very far to follow these pictures with their equipments. To say nothing of the other stations which had been waiting the release for months and which are mobile or permanent very far from Devecey (hundreds of kilometers)

 Heure H+1 sec !  You can see the rotundity of the earth  The balloon seen from underneath. Notice the 3 strings.

The bursting of the balloon

An exceptional time, extraordinary pictures. Here they are on a separated page. The bursting of the balloon (130 ko).

The trajectory

The following of the trajectory (I00ko) was carried out by radiogonometry but mainly with the transmission of the GPS data by APRS.