The report of the launching
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A beautiful success. ln spite of a 48 mn delay on the count-down, the release was perfect, a mild weather, a faultless technique, wonderful pictures and a rapid recovery of the gondola.


Friday morning: beginning of the installation in the multi-purpose room of Devecey (25)
07.30 am: Setting up of the ATV receiving, APRS and communication stations
08.30 am: Assembling of the screen, of the inflating pad.
09.30 am: Beginning of the inflating.
10.40 am: Release.
00.13 pm: Bursting of the balloon(altitude 34400 rn.)
00.39 pm: Landing.
01.27 pm: Discovery of the beacon.
01.52 pm: Location of the beacon in N 47 37 986 - E 06 03 210.
03.00 pm: Taking apart.
04.30 prn: Debriefing.
05.30 pm: End of the operation.

Inflating ( 80 ko)

The two previous launchings and the experience acquired enabled us to tune a dependable rnethod even on bad weather.

ground crew (70 ko)

In the shadow of the operation room or on the inflating area, everyone is playing his part, the success of the operation depends on.

The flight (37 ko)

A perfect taking off, a regular trajectory, a smooth landing. But we had a strong gondola.

The bursting of the balloon (130 ko)

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful time.

Following and location (100 ko)

The location in real time was made possible thanks to the traditional radiogoniometry method and an APRS coupled with a balloon-based GPS.

Measures carried out during the flight (21 ko + 2 PDF files)

Variation in altitude according to the time and graph of inner and outer temperatures according to the altitude.

Recovery of the gondola (27ko)

A balloon release is considered perfect only after the recovery of the gondola. ln our case the owners of the gondola-carried equipment were rather pleased to know that the gondola had been found.
(Equipment: cameras, GPS, transrnitters)

Reports of listening

Lots of stations followed the flight, among them several SWL, equipped with APRS in receiving. We quote some testimonies.

People (68ko)

The team, OMs coming from neighbouring counties and simple onlookers, all marvelled at looking the balloon take off or by looking at the ATV pictures (amateur television)